Wilson Ranch

Phone: 501-362-2714 Ranch
Cell: 501-206-4335 Nan
Cell: 501-206-4337 Rob

7.5 miles South East of Heber Springs, AR
Take Highway 5/25 south from Heber Springs to the top of the mountain (3 miles) and turn left onto Highway 16 East. Go approximately 1.8 miles and turn right onto Blakey Rd. just after passing the Cleburne County Livestock Auction. Rental property of farm is immediately on the left. Continue on Blakey Road (making sure to keep left at the intersection of Blakey Circle and stay on Blakey Road) for appx. 2.5 miles. Ranch driveway will be on the left marked by rocked in mailboxes. Continue on gravel driveway for 1/2 mile until you reach the house. You will pass a large shop building, a cabin, milking parlor and finally reach an underground house. (Welcome!)

Generally, not enough is said about Mom in today’s society. Without Nan organizing, taking care of the accounting, gardening, helping keep people on task, educating, supporting and loving all of us we could not have a successful family or farm. Nan came from an urban background but has adapted to the farm life very well helping out with all aspects of the farm life. For years she fixed “farm lunch” that all the friends and family, who helped out on farm days, loved to enjoy. She never knew who or how many would be at our table yet we were always taken care of. She has literally helped with almost every phase of the farm but is most comfortable helping from “behind the scenes”, a position that does most of the work and receives little of the credit. Nan is also a pastor’s wife, church pianist, children’s class teacher and ladies’ teacher, all of which require dedicated time and attention. She is the accounts’ payable for our Dental Practice. Even with all of that, she is a dedicated mother who always is there to be chauffeur, caretaker, instructor and steward over the heritage God has entrusted us with.

Our oldest son, Aaron, began milking his first cow at the age of 10 and entered the cows in the fairs at the age of 11. Aaron is the one responsible for the Dairy herd and operation. It is through his persistence and determination that we have maintained a dairy herd and developed the program we have. Through his many years of involvement with 4H, including being vice-president of the Kids and Kritters Club, he received many accolades in the dairy division at both the County and the District fair through all his school years. For 3 years he participated in the Grasslands Evaluation Contest, winning state all three years in a row and placing 2nd twice and 3rd once in the national competition as a team. He received second place individual at the Arkansas State level, and fourth at the National level. He also won “All-Around Showmanship” his senior year of school. His love for animals and farming grew into a desire to pursue veterinary medicine as a career. He has received multiple honors in the Animal Science department at ASU. He graduated in May of 2016 with a bachelor’s degree in Animal Science and a minor in Spanish. Aaron is currently a student at the University of Missouri Vet School. Aaron is involved in the cattle selection and helping with the animal health programs on our farm as well as maintaining an active interest in our Jersey herd. He currently has a flock of Katahdin sheep with him in Missouri of which he is managing.

Rachel, our eldest daughter, has been the shepherd of the family. She has taken care of the flock of Katahdin sheep and helped actively manage them, during her high school years and into her college years. She has competed in the Breeding sheep division in the County and District fair and for many years received accolades including Reserve Grand Champion Ewe and Ram on the state level for two years in a row. She also has competed in the Grasslands Evaluation Contest where she individually received first place in the Arkansas State level and 2nd place individual in the National level competition along with the multiple team awards both State and Nationally including being the 2016 National Team Champions with her two brothers. In the 4H State Record book contest, she received first place in Plant and Soil Science and was a delegate for Arkansas at the National 4-H Convention in 2014.
Rachel has been part of the Nursing Home ministry in the English Cleburne County Baptist Church and plays the guitar for the Spanish ministry. Rachel also plays the piano, and flute. During the summers, she works at her father’s dental office as a Registered Dental Assistant. She is currently a Junior in the Family Consumer Science/ Teaching Major at Harding University.

Stephen, began milking our Jersey cows at the age of 5. Since Aaron has gone to college, Stephen has been the Dairy Manager sharing those responsibilities with his brother, Luke. They are the primary milkers and maintain the entire milking system. Stephen has participated in the fairs for many years winning many accolades for both the dairy and sheep divisions. He received the Grand Champion Ewe Award at the Arkansas State Fair two years ago.
Stephen has also participated for several years in the Grassland Evaluation Contest winning both team and individual honors at the state and and national levels including the 2016 Individual National Champion and 2016 Team National Champion with his Sister and Brother. Stephen has been involved in sports for many years. He is actively learning to play the piano, trumpet and upright bass, using these talents in the Spanish ministry at Cleburne County Baptist Church.

Luke, who began milking our Jersey cows at the age of 4, shares the responsibility of the dairy herd and milking operation. Luke also has competed with the dairy cattle in the County and District and State Fairs wining many accolades as well. Luke also has been involved with the sheep winning Grand Champion Ewe at the 2015 Arkansas State Fair. Luke also has participated in the Grasslands Evaluation Contest winning many individual and team awards including 2nd individual for Arkansas in 2016, 3rd place National Individual and 1st place National Team with his brother and sister. He assists in the Spanish ministry with the playing of the guitar during the worship service and leads the song service for the children’s class. Luke play the piano as well.

Stephen, and Luke Wilson are very involved in 4-H. They are currently serving as the 4-H Teen Leaders and are Teen Star winners for Cleburne County.

Joanna Wilson and John Wilson are both involved with the farm operations and are the “reserve” team for caring for the sheep and very often caring for the calves and dairy animals, too. They really are the “all around” help on the farm, pitching in with every thing from fence building to tagging and tattooing the calves. They are both actively involved in 4H, participating in the many and varied projects offered. They both have participated in the fairs for many years winning many accolades. They help in the garden and in the up-keep of the house. Joanna is the farm breakfast cook preparing breakfast for the family most every day. They both are also very involved in our church.