Jersey Cattle and Dairy

Beledene Dukes Landy is the Foundation Sire for our Jersey Herd. He is an A/2-A/2 bull that was developed for grass fed genetics. He is extremely docile and all of his offspring are extremely docile. He is a New Zealand bull. (We used his semen here with a Dam from Milestones Generator) This gave us our Herd bull

Our eldest son Aaron was fixated on having a milk cow after we moved to the farm. He was only 8 years old and was persistent for 2 years. Finally, we decided to halter break some registered Milking Red Devon cows that were bred to calve about a month or two before the Cleburne County Fair. One cow was 9 years old and the other 5. They almost broke us before we broke them! Needless to say, milking them was quite the experience. We were sure that Aaron would finally give up after the rough treatment by these two cows. He almost did until the the County Fair rolled around. There were no other entries for the Dairy division that year and he won the grand prize! From then on he was hooked, even though it meant hard work, which we saw as a good thing. After about 1 1/2 years of milking these Devon cattle (with a couple more as well) we decided to move to a more conventional breed that gave more pounds of milk. By this time we had had many of our friends and neighbors desiring our milk. We decided to add a full scale dairy operation with a 40 gallon Bulk tank, Stainless steel milk lines, Vacuum pump and automatic Wash stations, Stainless steel sinks and a poured concrete Milking parlor.

We sell our milk directly from the bulk tank to anyone who wishes to purchase it. (It goes fast so call ahead if you want to put an order !) We sell the milk two days a week.

Reba – She is the Dam of Landy’s Prince and this is a picture of her at 13.

We purchased two Registered Jersey cows from Cedar Crest Farms in Alabama and began our all Jersey dairy. We initially used semen from New Zealand out of a bull named Duke’s Landy. He has been a very good grass genetic bull that is A/2 A/2 in his genetics. He really has been the foundation sire for our herd.

We have been using a Duke’s Landy offspring, Landy’s Prince, from a Dam out of Milestones Generator (from the 1960’s and 70’s) who is credited with significantly advancing the Jersey Breed in America. This bull has really proven himself and his daughters are easy calving, good milkers with excellent udders and teat placement, that have the grass genetics that we have been looking for.

We currently have a Prince offspring, Prince Moses, who we are using on a limited bases with a few of our New Zealand genetic based cows we obtained from Nebraska.

Beginning in 2021 we will have cows and bred heifers for sale. Currently we will have A/2-A/2 bulls for sale and possibly semen for sale in 2018.

(L) Montana and in the background Landy’s Prince, our herd bull.
(R) Montana Analise, who is the full sister to Landy’s Prince.