Katahdin Sheep

Reference Sire: Nekoda of Wilson Ranch
He was our foundation sire Ram. His blood line is very strong and has produced two State Fair Grand Champion Ewe Lambs and a Reserve Grand Champion Ram Lamb.

We had been reading for some time about the benefits of multi-specie grazing and decided to try it on a limited basis. We decided on the Katahdin Hair Sheep breed for their docility and parasite resistance, not to mention the fact that we did not have to sheer them. Heifer Project International brought in the first flock of Katahdin sheep to Arkansas. One of the ladies working with that project, Mary Van Anrooy, of Clinton, Arkansas, had the largest flock of Katahdin sheep in Arkansas. We purchased two ewe lambs and a 7 year old ewe. We also selected the ram we wanted each of the three ewes to be bred to. This was the beginning of our flock. They really have benefited the land and cattle. We currently have a registered flock of about 60 and plan on increasing the flock to 100 ewes by 2019.

We have produced the 2015 and 2016 Grand Champion Ewe lamb and the 2016 Reserve Champion Ram lamb at the Arkansas State Fair.

We are currently selling Ram lambs for fall breeding and we will have about 70+ registered Ewes and Rams for sale beginning in 2019.

For more information about the breed go to the Katahdin Hair Sheep International web page. www.katahdins.org