Native Aberdeen Angus Cattle

In 2003, while we were trying to develop the Old World Black Cattle, we went to Scotland to visit Geordie Seuter who was busy trying to save the few remaining Native Aberdeen Angus. They were down to about 20 individuals. He had the same problem we did in that there were no bulls left. Through the Scottish Milk board there was old semen available and several of the cow lines were able to be saved (9 out of the 110 original cow families to be exact).
Due to the hoof and mouth disease, BSE, and other import problems, it was several years before any of the embryos were able to enter the USA.
Finally, in 2012, we were able to obtain 5 females which had been ET transfers into Sinclair cattle in Pennsylvania. We were also able to obtain semen from 4 native bulls.
Then in 2014 we were able to obtain the only Native Scotch bull from the original herd available in the USA from that sale.
To my knowledge there are only 2 of us in the USA trying to preserve those old lines from the Native Aberdeen Angus cattle.
Our traditional Aberdeen Angus are the pure, original Scotch bloodlines. We are working with original British genetics and are currently using bulls which have pedigree foundations in those Native bulls of the 1960’s such as Jumer Eric of Abernyte, bringing new life to old bloodlines.

The term native cattle or native breed is now widely used to cover any breed which originated in the UK, ie Shorthorn, Hereford and Angus. As a way of differentiating in the Angus breed, the term NATIVE BRED, means no imported bloodlines, into the original genetics, and this is marked on the animal’s pedigree certificate.

We currently will have a couple of Native Angus bulls for sale in time for next year’s breeding season.

These three are the reference sires for the Native Aberdeen Angus Cattle.

Jumor Eric of Abernyte  and Evesund of Dupplin are the two line bred sires found in most of our cattle lines.
These are Excellent sires that were very famous in the 60’s and 70’s in Scotland.  The last is Dunlouise Jipsey Earl from the famous Jipsey cow line.  He has become very famous in the USA for his outstanding progeny and his semen is widely sought after.

Ranger – Our Native Aberdeen Angus herd bull. He is 3 1/2 in the photo