Old World Black Cattle

Old World Black Cattle foundational cows we started the herd with

We had an idea of the ideal cattle we were looking for but were having a very hard time finding that ideal. Finally, we saw a photo of the cattle that we were looking for in a “Cattle Selection” presentation by Gearld Fry. There was only one problem, the herd was dying. They had inadvertently sold or castrated all the bull calves and their only bull had died. It had been a closed herd for over 50 years! We found semen from the original herd stored at the University of Maryland and obtained 10 ampules.

In 2002, from three of those 14 year old cows in the herd located in Rhode Island and the semen we found, we started the Old World Black Cattle breed. More information on the history of the breed can be found on the Breed Web site and registry. www.OldWorldBlackCattle.org

These are some of the original ET cattle. We only had 6 that we started with here in Heber. (Three H, Two R, and one K)

Old World Black Cattle original ET cattle

Our cattle do not require all of the inputs that most of the current breeds require. They really do grow off exceptionally well on just quality grass and hay. Our tests have demonstrated 2.5 to 3 lbs. per day weight gain from birth to 1 year with no inputs. Our bulls are an excellent way for the commercial cattle farmer to decrease costs and put more money in the bank. We have sold our bulls over the past several years to producers in many states with excellent results. Our bulls are some of the best at ease of calving and fleshing out the calves. Their heifers are ones you will want to put back in your herd.

Old World Black Cows and Calves (rainy day)

Check out our bulls for sale if you want to have more money in your pocket at the end of the day.

Keros (L) is a K line bull that we sold this year as a 2 year old for $4,000, We also Sold Hezro (R) which was an H line bull which we also sold for $4,000 this year as a 2 year old. There are some distinct differences in the lines as you can tell. One is very powerful and the other is a little more sleek. Both are fairly wide and moderately framed. They both have done very well for their respective owners.